No matter how fond we are of the atmosphere inside our house, the time comes when we begin to long for change. And even if large-scale home renovation seems too costly or daunting, this doesn’t mean you should abandon your plans altogether. Sometimes minimal effort can produce incredible results.

10. Dresser-turned-TV stand

You can easily transform your furniture beyond recognition while changing its purpose at the same time. Sounds unbelievable? Then check out the ATTHEPARK’S blog by Julie Park. Among other things, it tells you how to turn an old dresser into a wonderful TV stand!

9. Frames in the bathroom

The addition of one small detail can make a familiar environment look completely different. Who would have thought that picture frames might come in handy in the bathroom?

8. Decorating the fridge

An ordinary refrigerator can also become a masterpiece of interior decoration! All you need is some sticky tape and gold spray paint. Take a look at how this artistic solution managed to accentuate Ruth Eileen’s kitchen!

7. Eye-catching pillows

Want to give your living room a fresh look without buying new furniture? Vibrantly colored sofa cushions might just do the trick! To find such items online, click here.

6. Mason jar wall decorations

If you want to infuse your living space with more comfort, simple things like glass jars and flowers can provide a wonderful solution. Check this site for how to make such decorations.

5. Imaginative lampshades

You don’t have to buy new things all the time, especially when old items are still in excellent condition. You can transform your familiar belongings into something extraordinary in just half an hour. For example, here’s how you can breathe new life into an old lampshade!

4. Brightening the walls

If you aren’t ready to start a serious house renovation but still want to brighten up your surroundings, begin with some simple yet attention-grabbing wall decorations. Here you will learn how to make such panels.

3. Changing a room’s layout

If you are thinking of splitting your largest room into 2 separate ones by putting up a new wall, try starting with temporary partitions or curtains. You can find some incredible designs here.


2. Colorful walls

If you dream of vibrantly colored walls, don’t be afraid to try daring solutions and diverse prints. Click on this link to find detailed instructions on how to create such beauty!

1. Glow-in-the-dark table

Why pay outrageous sums for designer furniture when you can create your own with the help of glow powder and casting resin?