Dad Notices Something ‘Off’ About Baby’s Face, Then Nurse Says To Take Pic – 1 in 80,000 Moment!

Life itself is a miracle and welcoming a bundle of you in the family is the most precious thing a couple can experience. Rachel and Nathan Burow, parents-to-be, were eagerly waiting the arrival of their second child. They have prepared everything for the big day and when it was finally there, they couldn’t be more excited.

Rachel gave birth to baby Annabelle on February 21.

Nathan was by his wife’s side during her C-section impatient to embrace his baby daughter. But as soon as the baby’s head popped out, this father was taken by surprise by what he saw.

Annabelle’s head looked huge and her facial features were unclear which made Nathan scared stiff, but what the nurse told him next put his mind to rest.

“When I first saw the bubble I was just confused,” he recalled. “This didn’t look anything like our son did 17 months earlier. Then I made out her face and got scared for a moment. I thought, ‘This isn’t right! I’ve never seen this.’ I immediately looked at the nurse for reassurance. She said, ‘Quick take a picture, you don’t want to miss this.’”

His lovely baby was perfectly normal, except she was born with the caul, which meant she came into the world with part of the amniotic sac still on her head.

The nurse acted quickly and told Nathan to grab his phone and take a picture of the baby because a birth like this occurs once in 80,000, which is pretty rare and unique.

Nathan did exactly that and we are glad we got to witness this miraculous birth.

“Sometimes we get too caught up in the excitement and forget to take a step back and realize the miracle of birth itself,” Rachael said.

“We are completely in awe,” Rachael continued, “and I can tell you nothing- no moment can top hearing my babies cry for the first time, no moment can top the first time they were placed in my arms.

“Babies are such a blessing, such a gift and forever a miracle.”

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