Worrying is a common feeling among us humans. Worrying happens because we feel and we think. It is a kind of feeling that happens usually when we’re not secure or we don’t know what to do about something. Even though it is a normal process, according to my opinion, worrying can damage us in different ways. Have you noticed the fact that people who don’t worry much seem to be happier? Well, this is what I meant when I said worrying can damage us. Excessive worrying is bad for our health. I am not saying we should not worry but in contrary, we shouldn’t worry about things which we cannot resolve and we should worry less. This is how.

Keeping notes about your concerns.

By writing, we actually alleviate the brain from different tasks, especially by remembering different details. Also, by writing down you give importance to things. You practically “tell” your brain that this thing is important because I am writing it. Another benefit from this is that you lead your brain to find solutions for what you write. See, instead of remembering the details, which you’ve already written down, the brain will think about solving something.


Worrying may also be accompanied by anxiety feelings. Meditation is a good practice against worrying and cognitive anxiety. See, when you meditate, you think less about things and as a result, you worry less. What you’re thinking during the meditation are the very important things in your life. Sure, those things may involve worrying but, becoming a good meditator, you’ll avoid much of worrying.

Physical activity.

The less you exercise, the more problems you’ll have. Your brain stores and process all the information, including the problems with your body. More problems, even physical ones, mean more worrying. See, if you start exercising, you will feel less tired, you’ll have more energy, reduce the risks of suffering from different diseases and so on. But most importantly, you’ll notice your brain that there are fewer things to worry about. Keep in mind that when I say physical exercise I don’t only mean going to the gym. One thing you can do when you understand that you’re worrying too much is to walk. Walk some 10 or 20 minutes and you’ll see the difference.