Heart aging can cause different symptoms like arrhythmias which is an abnormal heart rhythm, arteriosclerosis (arteries hardening), anemia etc. Deaths from a heart attack and stroke cover the majority of deaths related to the heart. Recently, the study “Reversing the Cardiac Effects of Sedentary Aging in Middle Age—A Randomized Controlled Trial” aims to explain the benefits from exercising for people who start doing physical exercise at their middle age. During this period of life, the heart preserves plasticity as well as renovation capability. For this reason, participants would start the exercising regime before age 65.

Experts had previously monitored that 2 to 3 exercise sessions in a week were not sufficient thus they organized the regime in 4 to 5 times a week, half hour sessions as well as cool-down and warm up. Sessions were different types and more or less like this:

-one of the sessions, or two, needed to be performed at a mediate intensity. This kind of session is alternatively called “talk test” because participants would exercise as much as they would be sweating but not find it difficult to hold a normal conversation.

-Another exercising session, once or twice in a week, included strength training by the help of machinery as well as weights.

-A once-in-a-week session was exercising with high intensity for around 30 minutes. This session is also called “4×4” because it should be separated in interval sessions of 4 minutes and also 3-minute recovery.

-Moderated intensity exercising needed to last around 60 minutes and may include sports activities like walking, playing tennis, biking etc.

53 participants were separated into two groups. One group were monitored for two years about their physical exercise activity meanwhile the other group was just involved in balance and yoga exercises.

Heart’s left ventricle muscles become hardened if people don’t exercise or have a physically active life. Heart’s left ventricle plays the role of supplying our body with oxygenized blood. If the above-mentioned muscles become hardened, not only the left ventricle will not be suffused with blood and additionally, high-pressure occurs. It is valuable pointing out that participants who did physical activity, as mentioned above, appeared to have improvements by 25% in the elasticity of left ventricular muscle. Not only this but researchers also showed that participants who exercised appeared to improve their oxygen intake by 18 percent.

Although this study was conducted on the effects of exercising for middle age participants this does not mean that one should wait to become 50 years old to start exercising.