Rescue Mission Of Toddler Trapped In 360ft Borehole For 10 Days Slows Down, Parents Devastated

On Sunday, January 13th, a two-year-old boy fell into a borehole 360 feet deep. The boy, Julen Rosello had wandered away from his parents when they were out on a picnic in Totalan, Spain, and is believed to have slipped and fallen nearly 30 stories down. The borehole is not only terrifyingly deep but correspondingly narrow too. No adult can crawl through its constricted walls. Rescue teams have been tirelessly working ’round the clock to help reunite the boy and his distraught parents who have already lost a child last year to a medical condition. Soon after realizing that a person would not be able to reach the boy, they lowered a robot fitted with a camera into the hole. Unfortunately, they could only take it 229 feet before the hole got too narrow for the robot to continue. They were really hoping to make contact with the child and check on him.

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Rescuers ready to drill tunnel for Spanish boy trapped in well 

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Since he first fell and let out a blood-curdling scream, there has been nothing but silence from the black depths of the borehole. But neither the family nor rescue teams are letting that fact extinguish their hope. When they retrieved the robot from the hole they saw candy that the boy had with him in the hole and also was able to confirm the boy was indeed in the hole by doing a DNA test on samples that contained his hair. The team of experts working to rescue the child were hoping to get to him by Friday, but the challenging terrain through a wrench in their plans.



Rescue efforts are continuing for a two-year-old boy trapped in a well in southern Spain since January 13. 

Rescuers continue search for Spanish child trapped in well

Rescuers continue search for Spanish child trapped in well

Rescue efforts are continuing for a two-year-old boy trapped in a well in southern Spain, with satellite images revealing the extent of excavation works so far.

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The little boy has now been trapped for over a week. Undeterred, Ángel Vida, the lead engineer who is overseeing the rescue operation told The Guardian, “We are incredibly motivated to reach him as soon as possible. We’re not bothered by the hours, the tiredness or the lack of sleep.” Adding, with genuine optimism, “We are hopeful that we will reach him as soon as possible and bring him back to his parents.” The whole nation and even the world is rooting for the little boy to be swiftly and safely returned to the loving arms of his parents.


PRAY: Rescue of , boy trapped in well, continues into fifth day  via @crimeonlinenews

PRAY: Rescue of Julen Rosello, boy trapped in well, continues into fifth day

Rescue crews are in a race against time as they prepare to dig a tunnel, in an attempt to rescue a toddler boy who has been trapped in a well for five days. Associated Press reports that over 100…

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“We continue to work intensely, nonstop, and we hope to reach our desired goal very soon,” Vida said. When something as heartbreaking and traumatic as this happens, it must be reassuring for the family to have a man named Ángel leading the operation. Desperation finds hope in the smallest signs. On Wednesday, the boy’s father told reporters, “My wife is broken. We are dead inside. But we hope we have an angel to get my son out of there.” Perhaps Vida could be the answer to the Rosello family’s fervent prayers.

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A massive rescue operation searching for a 2-year-old boy who fell down a well has gripped Spain. Local officials say they’ve lost count of how many international companies have offered help. 

A 2-Year-Old Boy Is Trapped in a Well. Spain Is Watching.

Rescuers are racing against the clock to find Julen Roselló, who is believed to be more than 250 feet underground.

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Rescue efforts were brought to a grinding halt when diggers hit hard granite. This unplanned interruption considerably slowed down progress. Given the tricky nature of the terrain, the team needs to be cautious too and cannot afford to even allow for a thread of recklessness while drilling their way to the child, lest it causes the borehole he is trapped in to collapse around him. So, as hard as it is, patience and perfection is the need of the hour and something the exhausted rescue team needs to continue focusing on.



Rescue Efforts to Save 2-Year-Old Boy Trapped in Well for Over 4 Days Are Slowed by Difficulties 

Rescue Efforts to Save 2-Year-Old Boy Trapped in Well for Over 4 Days Are Slowed by Difficulties

Rescue efforts to save a 2-year-old boy trapped in a well in Spain have been slowed by technical difficulties, authorities say

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Fortunately, the rescue operation is being carried out by a highly-skilled team who are willing to throw every ounce of themselves into the rescue mission. Over a hundred firefighters and emergency workers have been hard at work since Sunday when the boy first fell. Hopefully, with some luck, they will be able to pick up the pace and get to him quicker than they hope. A blockage around 70 meters into the well has made it impossible for the rescue team to send food or water to the trapped child. Officials have said that they have not found signs of life, but they are continuing to work against the clock assuming the child is alive.

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Rescue of Spanish boy trapped in well to take few more days: expert 

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To add to the ache of uncertainty, medical experts told Spanish media that given the cold weather, chances of Julen being alive are slim at best. In order to safely reach and retrieve the trapped toddler, the team first has to drill to a sufficient depth before miners can be lowered into the newly dug out shaft. Once in, the miners need to dig a horizontal tunnel that they hope will connect to the area where the little boy is trapped. The drill only managed to get to a depth of 53 meters before hitting granite. How they plan to circumvent the obstacle is yet to be seen.

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A rescue effort is underway in Spain, where a two-year-old boy is trapped down a 100 metre well. @lornashaddick

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