Have you ever lost faith and thought that humanity has lost the purpose and generosity is not present anymore? Well, I have felt that a couple of times, in different situations. Nevertheless, it comes a time when your belief in humanity restores because you see unknown people help each other. I don’t really understand how people don’t comprehend that by helping others they will help themselves. Not only this but by helping others, even foreigners, you feel pleasure and feel very good about yourself. For this topic, I have selected a story of a single mother.

source: GoFundMe

She is Joanna Wiley, mother of a 3year-old daughter. We know her story from the Fox2now.com. One day, she saw that the roof leaked when raining. The leaking happened exactly over her daughter’s bed. Since she is a single mother, she immediately tried to fix the roof by her own. Unfortunately, she fell from the ladder and hurt her head really bad. But her misfortune didn’t end here. While she was being treated about the injury, she was told that she even had cancer in her thyroid.

source: fox2now.com

Surely, she was desperate because, you know, being diagnosed with cancer. Nevertheless, she didn’t forget her roof’s problem. Joanna registered a video and put it on her Facebook page where she asked for help to fix her roof. Maybe she had hoped that someone would be willing to help in a short time but nothing happened for some six months. After this long period, something happened. Two men appeared in front of her house, offering their help to fix her roof. The men were Edward Aguado and his sales person Matt. They were part of the company Edwards Roofing and Repair in Missouri.

source: fox2now.com

At first, Joanna couldn’t believe it because there was a long time since she had published the video. But soon she understood that it was no joke but a really big-hearted gesture. Mr. Aguado told that he had seen her video from his friend and the desire to help arose instantly. Of course that the fact that she was a single mother, raising a 3-year old daughter, touched Aguado’s heart. They finished her roof in just three days and completely free. Wiley was expressed that:

I want to thank you, A handshake’s not right. Seriously, not worrying about it raining.

While Mr. Aguado said:

It makes it 100 percent worth it. We’re glad we did it. I was in a position where I could help and I wanted to help. It was really as simple as that.