State Trooper Gets Emergency Call But It Is What He Does About It Is What Is Brilliant

Although it is annoying to be stuck in a traffic jam, especially if there is something blocking the highway, once you find out why there were 13 trucks blocking the highway, you will need someone to pass the tissues your way. Have the tissues ready for this one!

According to Newsner, a Michigan man wanted to jump off the bridge and take his own life. In fact, a Michigan state trooper got the emergency phone call that a man was on a bridge and was ready to jump to his death. The state trooper came up with a brilliant plan to stop him from doing this and to reduce the risk of injury if he did choose to jump. You won’t believe what this trooper did!


He went to the scene and realized he would need 13 tractor trailers for his plan to work. He called up 13 truck drivers to line up along the highway under the bridge. Although they were blocking cars from going that way, the cars were rerouted to another route. 

The man who wanted to jump was up there for four hours before the trooper talked him down. Those truck drivers sat there blocking the highway for four long hours and didn’t complain one time. There are still good people in the world. And, the man chose to live! 

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