Teen Pays For Desperate Woman’s Groceries, Then Gets Call That Brings Him To His Knees

John Lopez Jr. is the kind of person who spreads joy and kindness wherever he goes. The 19-year-old is a cashier at Walmart in Princeton, Texas, and shoppers who frequent the store know him to be upbeat and full of joy.

“He is always singing, up beat, courteous, joyful and efficient,” says Laci Simms, who frequents the store.

Recently, Laci was waiting in John’s checkout line when she noticed a woman a few people ahead of her seemed to be in distress. She quickly realized the woman was unable to pay for her grocery bill.

Everyone else in line awkwardly watched as the woman tried to figure out what to do, but suddenly John stepped up and did something that left them all stunned.

“When she had trouble paying her bill he stepped in and told her if she’d wait he would pay her total,” Laci said. “Ya’ll, it was $110 dollars!”

Without a second thought, this teen (who probably wasn’t making a whole lot of money as a Walmart cashier) stepped in to take care of this woman’s bill.

Laci couldn’t believe what she had just witnessed.

“He just renewed my faith in humanity and the generation we are raising!” she wrote in a Facebook post. “Everyone share this so the world knows what a blessing John is to our community!”

And share they did! Soon, Laci’s post went viral as it racked up thousands of likes and shares!

Brandon Weddle was one of the people to catch the story as it made its way across social media. He lives in the same area as John and Laci and immediately recognized John.

“There were thousands of comments on the story, saying what a nice person he was, how he was always in a good mood, how people always left in a better mood after seeing him,” Brandon said.

“I’ve been through his line a couple of times, my wife has too, and we’ve spoken about him, how he touches people on a daily basis.”

After reading about John’s act of kindness, Brandon couldn’t get the generous teen out of his head.

“It just resonated with me the whole next day,” he said. “I’d asked on Facebook if anyone had set up a page for him, but there wasn’t one. With it only just being a few days before Christmas, I decided to set up a page for him.”

Brandon set up a GoFundMe with the goal of raising $1,000 as a thank you present for John, but it soon passed even his wildest expectations!

As of this writing, the campaign has already raised over $36,000!

“It just really blew up,” Brandon said. “I had to keep pumping up the goal for him.”

Recently, a Walmart manager reached out to Brandon about a special event they were putting on in John’s honor. Princeton Mayor John-Mark Caldwell presented the teenager with a certificate and Police Chief James Waters presented him with a medallion.

At the ceremony, Brandon also transferred the GoFundMe account to John, who says he plans to use the money for college.

It was clear the young man was incredibly touched by the outpouring of love and support he had received. He never expected his act of kindness to go beyond the Walmart checkout lane.

“He was very excited and you could tell it meant a lot to him and his family,” Brandon said. “You know it’s going to a good family. I’m just glad that he got recognized this year, and I’m glad the community stepped up to help him.”

Laci agrees.

“Seeing a stranger help another stranger is how we should act as humans,” she said. “I really feel like the world would be a better place if we just helped others, just like John did. He helped without reservation and judgment!”

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