Do you like aging? Well, we know that this question may lead to several different answers but we think that in general people don’t like aging. The main reasons include wrinkles, going gray (mostly women are feared the most), reduced physical power and many other reasons. Aging may not be easy to explain in a specific manner but mostly it is considered as the passing of time. It may not always have a negative perception and the best example of this is wine, the older the better!

But now let us focus on a more scientific and specific point of view on this matter. A recent study, “Changes at the nuclear lamina alter binding of pioneer factor Foxa2 in aged liver”, has aimed to comprehend the effects of aging in our cells and then to create a treatment for curing metabolic diseases, fatty liver and also different impacts of the aging process itself. The mentioned study is published during February in the Aging Cell journal from the Anatomical Society and is conducted by the University of Virginia’s research team.

Researchers of this study claim that the reason for fatty liver disease is caused by wrinkles is our liver. Have you thought that wrinkles only appear in the outer part of our body? Well, apparently they also appear in our liver as we age and furthermore, our brain is full of wrinkles even though for other functioning reasons. Our cells are different from each other, each of them playing a specific role but what they have in common is the DNA, which is the same in every single cell. Two of the components of our cells are nucleus and it’s membrane which as we age becomes knotty and thus making cells malfunctioning. Some DNA is presumed to be switched off and then stick to the nucleus membrane. The reason for the wrinkling of the membrane is the deficiency of the lamin element. This element is like the cream for the face crinkles, it can flatten the membrane. When the membrane becomes wrinkled, some of the DNA, which is supposed to which off and stick to the membrane, is released, thus causing problems. Researchers say that by providing the liver with this element they can stop the liver from clinging with fat which in other words is the fatty liver disease and other harms related to it.

Researcher argument that they can use viruses to provide our liver with the lamin element, thus flattening the membrane and reducing the chances of fat clinging. The forming process of wrinkles happens for the same reasons mentioned above and researchers believe that this treatment will be relevant not only for the fatty liver disease but also for other wrinkles-related problems.