Physical activity is one of the best things we can do to help our body to stay healthy. Some of the commonly known benefits of exercising are overall energy improvement, decreased risk of heart-related diseases, helps in lowering the blood pressure, bone strengthening, better weight management and others. There are a lot of people who, except doing physical exercises, also take different proteins. One of the most studied and most profitable protein is whey protein. From previous studies, it has been shown that this protein has health benefits for males who also exercise. New is the fact that this protein also has benefits for women.

“Effect of whey protein supplementation on body composition changes in women: a systematic review and meta-analysis” is a study supported by the  Whey Protein Research Consortium, conducted by researchers from Purdue University with senior author professor Wayne Campbell and published in Nutrition Reviews on April.

Mr. Campbell said that women are not well represented in previous research about the benefits of whey protein supplements. The curiosity of researchers prevailed also because the majority of research about whey protein benefits was in 68% of the cases only in males. The study included 1800 nourishment articles and selected them based on distinguishing factors like the number of women participants, physical activity, whey protein intake, changes in lean body mass etc.

From the review of studies, researchers were able to understand that whey protein intake in women increased the lean body mass and furthermore it was not related to an increase in fat mass. The most efficient benefit about lean body mass from whey protein intake was when combined with energy restriction exercises meanwhile without this the benefits were not seen. Moreover, the effects of this protein were reduced when accompanied by resistance exercise. In few words, whey protein supplements help women to have a little increase in their lean body mass, especially if they also do energy restriction physical exercises and it is also worth mentioning the fact that whey protein will not affect or cause an increase in fat mass.