Woman places rubber bands around puppies mouths- now she gets her punishment.

Regardless of all the awful stories encompassing animal cruelty I’m constantly amazed by the new lengths individuals to sink to in the manner in which they treat animals.

A maintenance worker was examining a burst pipe inside a housing complex in Wichita, Kansas, and was hit by an appalling smell when he entered.

He spotted two doggies locked in a little box destroyed in excrement and pee, however, they were making no noise

On closer assessment, he noticed they had been quieted with elastic bands around their mouths. Understanding the circumstance he quickly called for help.

Thankfully the worker reached out to a companion who he knew worked for Witchita Animal Action League and they reacted promptly.

The bands, used to tie hair, had made the young pup’ mouths swell and go red so rescuers knew they needed to act quickly and take the rubber bands off these innocent pups.

They were taken to a vet, who felt that their mouths had been tied with wire the bands were so tight. He needed to work delicately to remove the elastic bands off.

Once they were free the puppies left of cries of pain as the blood began to surge back into their noses, the moment was portrayed as “heartbreaking” by the vet.

The puppies were renamed Wesley and Violet, and they did enjoy a long bath after and smelled much nicer too.

The vet explained if the bands weren’t removed when they had been, the puppies could have suffered something much worse like tissue damage or loss of smell.

Thankfully the puppies are on their way to recovery and soon enough they will be going to a safe loving home.

They’re already doing great. The scarring is already going away. It just makes us so happy they’re already healing and they’re ready to move on to their next life,” Stephanie McCurdy, from Wichita Animal Action League, told tv station Kake.com.

Thir original owner is now facing misdemeanor charges for her cruel behavior towards the animals and a warrant for her arrest has been issued.

Watch when the puppies are finally released from those cruel tight bands in the clip below:

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